IHR Mandate




Our Mandate

It is the purpose of the IHR to engage in literary, scientific and research works in both the arts and sciences that lead to a greater awareness of our real purpose of existence in this universe as sentient beings. Tragically, in present day societies throughout our planet, people have reacted against many religions that do not appear to possess answers and ask one to accept irrational ideas based on blind faith. In connection with this, is the idea of ‘God’. Among those who are self-proclaimed ‘atheists’ this disaffection with ‘God’ has been the result of reacting against anthropomorphic, irrational  or ridiculous conceptions of God. This reactionary “Godless” state, has led to the breakdown of societies, families and individuals, and the emergence of semi-barbarism, relativism, nihilism and racism, in a so-called civilized world that continues to destroy the earth and the innocents. We have established economic, political, social and scientific theories that leave out an intelligent and proof-based view of the Creator and hence are either erroneous, inconsistent or incomplete. These systems, expostulated by ‘experts’, rather than solving our problems, are exacerbating them.

As a vital remedy then, the IHR then has a twofold aim: firstly, to publish works of high academic research at the frontiers of various fields and secondly to impart such knowledge to those who passionately seek it. To that end, we are and plan to be engaged in presenting structured and in-depth online and offline seminars, lectures, workshops, interviews, book and journal publications and produce other types of media related material. As such, IHR is a think tank and research institution, that seeks to integrally harmonize the scientific, economic, social and the environmental, under the rubric of rationality and evidence, as the foundation of our ethical, spiritual and emotional being, awareness, purpose and direction.

We hope that you, the reader, researcher, student or thinker, will explore, participate and share your thoughts with us, in our quest towards Reason and Tranquility -- to set things aright as they were Created to be.



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